MamaMe Loyalty, for you and Mom, will be a memorable, shared adventure.
An even more interesting way to buy, discounts, tips and benefits for loyal customers.
Ready to take off?

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NSomewhere, in some corner of the universe, you are slowly sinking into a dream and waiting for a playful Cloud to take you on a new adventure. All along the Milky Way ...

On that journey, the Stars will illuminate your paths.

Friend Moon, always a little dreamy,
will send kisses full of dreams.

Rush to the sun, sneak into his embrace, then you will hear your sweetest voice: "Good morning, my sun."

How does MamaMe Loyalty work?

For every 1 dinar you spend, you get 1 point. By collecting points, you are entitled to 4 types of discount vouchers the next time you buy. Each level has better benefits than the previous one, so patiently collect points and wait for the right time to redeem them.

12.500 poena = popust od 500 rsd

The adventure begins. Playful Cloud is always ready to go. All these magical worlds are waiting for you to discover them.

22.500 points = 1000 rsd discount

There is no reason to fear the darkness. Shining Star will always light up your journey and make your trip great.

32.500 points= 1500 rsd discount

Full of weird stories and big dreams. Dreamy Moon takes you to a land where everything is possible.

50.000 points = 2500 rsd discount

You rush to the sun, tuck into his embrace.
Kindly Sun is the hottest companion, you can hardly wait for the next hug.

For purchases over 70,000 rsd, an additional 5% off!

The winding and enchanting Milky Way trails lead to brand new discoveries. Those who remember.

* The maximum discount you can get is 50% of the total purchase value. The discount is not calculated on products that have already been discounted.