NiKEL Oil for Circulation And Capillares

1,990 RSD
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Packaging: 100 ml

Rosemary, the "Prince of Aromatic Herbs", an antiseptic, antirheumatic, neurotonic, stimulant and cosmetic. 100% natural almond, hazelnut and jojoba oil, combined with the essence of rosemary, pine needles, lemons and lavender for fresh, supple, smooth skin, a sense of freshness, lightness and health. It stimulates blood circulation, is used for poor circulation, muscle pain, neuralgia, strengthens the capillaries elasticity and protects them from bursting, gives heavy and tired legs a feeling of lightness for the skin, gives elasticity and tone.

Natural ingredients: Almond, pine, jojoba, lemon, hazelnut, rosemary, vitamin E.