NiKEL Alpine Rose Tonic

4,040 RSD
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Packaging: 125 ml

A wonderful organic rose petal and plant stem cell hydrolate. Just like the Alpine rose, which grows in the Swiss Alps at altitudes of over 1800 m and can resist heat, cold, dryness and strong UV rays, your skin will be protected with this beneficial tonic. That is why it is important to also use it before applying your UV protection product. Take it with you when you go to the beach to be able to use it more frequently and to protect your skin from drying out and forming fine lines.

The most important cells in our skin are epidermal stem cells. They are responsible for the self-regeneration of our skin. Their number and efficiency decreases with age. Plant stem cells increase the longevity of skin stem cells, resulting in the reduced appearance of wrinkles. This beneficial tonic can complement any day or night cream, and the results of use are visible after only a few days.

Natural ingredients: Alpine rose, flowering herbs, rose.