18,200 RSD
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More Than Just an Electric Toothbrush

A complete oral care solution, ISSA combines Sonic Pulse Technology and a revolutionary silicone design for a brushing experience unlike any other. Get a whiter, brighter smile while massaging your gums with silicone bristles that are incredibly soft and ultra-hygienic.

The sleek and ergonomic ISSA is no ordinary sonic toothbrush, it is the first oral care innovation in more than 70 years. Powered by a battery that outlasts all others, its unique silicone design makes ISSA the gentlest, most hygienic electric toothbrush available.

ISSA features a soft silicone brush head that resists bacteria buildup while comfortably massaging the gums and inhibiting over brushing, preventing gum recession and damage to tooth enamel. Enjoy a comprehensive clean with a silicone electric toothbrush that is gentle enough for even the most sensitive teeth and gums.

How to use?

1. Use your regular toothpaste and turn ISSA on.
2. Brush your teeth in the same way as you would with a manual toothbrush for 2 minutes using circular movements.
3. Rinse your mouth and the ISSA with water.