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Packaging: 140 ml

Thick as a cream, this shampoo provides intense nutrition and hair restoration, without weighing down the hair. Tangerine infused with cinnamon create a great aroma experience while you wash your hair. The formula is infused with extracts of tangerine, cactus, bamboo and carrot root oil.

CORE of the product:

TANGERINE EXTRACT: its antiseptic properties help relieve dry skin on your scalp, and eliminate dandruff naturally.

CINNAMON EXTRACT: gives a light stinging sensation that stimulates your hair follicles, promoting hair growth and helping to fight hair loss.

Directs of use

SHAMPOO: Apply a small amount of cream shampoo onto wet hair and massage, gradually adding water to create a foam. Rinse thoroughly and finish with a splash of cold water.

MASK: Start by massaging the product into the roots, then move downwards to the more damaged ends of your hair. Leave for 10 minutes and rinse off. 

It is important to test it on sensitive areas of the skin before use. Certain reactions to natural components are possible. Due to its texture, you use very little of the product (140 ml of this cream-shampoo is comparable to 600 ml to a regular shampoo).

Active components

Tangerine extract, Cinnamon extract, Cactus extract, Bamboo extract, Carrot oil.