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pACKAGING: 125 ml + 65 ml + 65 ml + 65 ml

[HAIR + BODY OIL] This universal nutritional oil with bergamot and peony extract can be used not only for hair, but also for the body. Intensively nourishes the hair and moisturizes the skin.

[HAND CREAM] This light texture cream is infused with an innovative formula that nourishes and moisturizes deep layers of the skin. The incredible aroma of oranges and tangerines makes putting a cream a small spa experience for your hard working hands.

[FACE CLEANSER] This product can be used as a daily cleanser that gently purifies the face and effectively removes makeup. The unique formula of this product easily dissolves in water, does not foam, thus leaves your skin feeling fresh and soft (and never tight). Suitable for all skin types.

[HYDRATING DAY CREAM] The non-greasy formula of this nourishing cream significantly moisturizes and hydrates the skin, leaving no excess gloss on the skin.The skin becomes noticeably smoother and silkier. The cream can also be used a makeup base.